Hi guy’s, berikut command CLI yang bisa digunakan untuk config Storage HP P2000.
Untuk aksesnya bisa menggunakan SSH, Telnet, via console, HTTP / HTTPS.
Untuk user access defaultnya seperti dibawah ini;

Monitor (view only)
Monitor, Manage (view and change)
# Clear disk-metadata
Biasanya digunakan saat status disk LEFTOVR karena ada mengalami amber

# show disks
          Location … How Used …
  •       1.1     … LEFTOVR  …
  •       1.2     … VDISK    …
  • Clear metadata from a leftover disk:
# clear disk-metadata 1.1
  Info: Updating disk list…
  Info: Disk disk_1.1 metadata was cleared. (2012-01-18 10:35:39)
  Success: Command completed successfully. – Metadata was cleared. (2012-01-18 10:35:39)
# Clear events
Biasanya digunakan saat menghilangkan event log yang terjadi pada controler A/B
clear events [a|b|both]
Clear the event log for controller A:
# clear events a  
Success: Command completed successfully. – The event log was successfully
cleared. (2012-01-18 10:40:13)
# restart
Digunakan untuk merestart 
   The controller to restart:    
   • sc: Storage Controller
   • mc: Management Controller
Restart the Management Controller in controller A, which you are logged in to:
# restart mc a
  During the restart process you will briefly lose communication with 
  the specified Management Controller(s).      
  Continue? yes
  Info: Restarting the local MC (A)…
  Success: Command completed successfully. (2012-01-21 11:38:47)
From controller A, restart the Storage Controller in controller B:
# restart sc b
 Success: Command completed successfully. – SC B was restarted. (2012-01-21


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