On importing an OVF package provided by vendors you receive the error message: “OVF Package with compressed disks is currently not supported for OVF import”.

  • When you deploy an OVF template containing compressed files references (typically compressed using gzip), the operation fails.

This can occur when vendors create packages using non-supported methods.


To workaround this issue, run the following command to convert the OVF or OVA template. The new template must have no compressed disks.

  1. Go to the folder containing the template:
          cd template-folder
  1. Convert the template.
    • OVA template conversion:
                   path-to-ovf-tool\ovftool.exe ova-template-name.ova newova-template-name.ova
  • OVF template conversion:
                    path-to-ovf-tool\ovftool.exe ovf-template-name.ovf new-ovf-template-name.ovf

The conversion tool download link :-


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