Saving LDOM configuration

To save constraints of a single domain :

# ldm list-constraints -x ldom_name > ldom_name.xml

To save constraints of all the domains :

# ldm list-constraints -x > all_ldoms.xml

Restoring LDOM configuration

There are 2 ways to restore a LDOM configuration.
1. Using ldm add-domain command and xml file
2. Using ldm init-system command and xml file

Using ldm-add domain command

Build domain by using the xml file

# ldm add-domain -i ldom01.xml

Bind and start the LDOM

# ldm bind ldom01
# ldm start ldom01

Using ldm init-system command

1. Restore primary domain configuration
Ensure that the current sp configuration is factory default. If not set it to factory default. Refer the post here.
primary# ldm list-config | grep “factory-default”
factory-default [current]

primary# ldm init-system -r -i primary.xml
-r -> reboot after configuration is complete
-i -> specify xml file location

2. Restore all domains configuration
We can also restore all the domains configuration ata time using ldm init-system and xml configuration file.

# ldm init-system -r -i all_ldoms.xml

After the system reboots, bind and restart all the domains.

# ldm bind ldom01 
# ldm start ldom01
# ldm bind ldom02
# ldm start ldom02

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